An Open Letter to Mom-and-Pop Coffee Shops


I love you guys. I want you to succeed. I want you to outlast Starbucks.

But lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of my neighborhood coffee shops close down. They’re falling like dominoes. And it’s not because they can’t compete against Starbucks. It’s that they don’t try making amazing coffee and espresso drinks.

Here is how you become more popular than the Starbucks down the street:
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The State of Hip Hop in 2014

mixed tapes

Ask any true hip-hop head about the current state of the genre, and most will disdainfully shake their heads and mutter something about the “proliferation of EDM” or the threat of “pop bullshit”. These aficionados may rightfully be considered pretentious, but they do have a point: now that rap is the ‘popular genre’, the face of the game has changed quite a bit.

Readers, in an ongoing effort to provide you with nothing but the unfettered truth, this piece will delve into the current top ten records in the iTunes rap section and give an opinion on the legitimacy of each project. Obviously, our opinions may not line up directly with yours, but we hope that through an examination of the state of rap, we can perhaps begin to dissect why the pop-friendly, bubble gum niche of hip-hop has exploded in years. With that in mind, we begin!
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5 Underrated Punk Songs That You Need to Know Of

busted guitar

A few weeks ago, we wrote about some of the most underrated post-punk bands. The post was pretty popular, so we figured we’d takes things back a bit, and write about our favorite underrated punk songs. Enjoy!

At the heart of the punk rock scene lies a rather troubling paradox, and it’s one that I believe most followers of the genre avoid acknowledging at all costs. Simply put, punk rock is a genre that very much celebrates exploring one’s musical and nonmusical interests with little to no regard for society’s opinion. It’s an individualistic genre to be sure.
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The 3 Most Disturbing Movie Killers


Could you kill a person? Be honest with yourself. Under what circumstances you look a victim in the eye, and with a restrained grin squeeze the very life out of their bones?

Hopefully, the threshold one would need to pass to commit such behavior is relatively high; seeing as a drive to Walmart doesn’t typically involving passing litters and litters of dead bodies (unless you’re in Scottsdale), this is an assumption we can hold to be true. And yet, there’s a certain fascination with death in today’s society.
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When Genocide Isn’t Permissible

When Genocide Isnt Permissible

Last Friday an article was published in the Times of Israel entitled “When Genocide Is Permissible”. It was undoubtedly one of the most shocking news headlines in decades (maybe even centuries). There was instantaneous outrage across social media and I would wager to say that half the people tweeting and sharing their outrage didn’t even read the article.
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