Why Do All The Recent 8 Year Term Presidents Have Stock Market Crashes One Year Before Their Exit?

8 year term presidents stock market

A notice for your immediate attention: This is not stock market advice. This isn’t really even scientific.

This is just something that hit me when I was taking a shower this morning.

I realized that somewhere near the end of the term for the past few 8 year term presidents – there was some sort of stock market disruption. I definitely see a pattern…..

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How to Build the Ultimate Gamer Lair

shall we play a game

The Gods of gaming have spoken directly to ToobBox.com and they demanded a fresh sacrifice. The ultimate gamer’s lair (the sickest gaming zone ever invented) needs to be created in order for us to further grasp the pleasure of gaming. The idea is to create heaven on earth. Let’s get started!
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How to Hijack a Jet and Not Get Caught – AND GET PAID For It.

parachuting from plane

This isn’t really an instruction manual for plane jacking. Well it could be.  What it is – is the story of D.B. Cooper. Perhaps the most badass man that lived during the 20th century.  And D.B. wasn’t even his real name. We still don’t know what his name is. Yep, that’s how badass he was.
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Want to Play God? – Check Out This Mind Blowing 360 Degree View of the Universe

spitzer telescope image 3

With all the bad news constantly circulating in the world, it’s really important that sometimes we just sit back and check out an unbounded view of the entire Milky Way through the Spitzer Space Telescope.

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The Comprehensive Guide to Throwing a 1970s Themed Disco Party


Watch today's video playlist

This guide covers everything if you’re planning on having a 70s disco party (or if you’re planning on attending one)! We even have the music covered (see the links to the music playlists at the bottom of the post).

This guide switches between recommendations for men and women. If you plan on cross-dressing for the party, then this guide flows really well. What follows is an 18 point checklist to make sure all bases are covered. Let’s start this party!
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