All About Chalk

all about chalk

“The only thing that matters in this life is the art we create.” – Chalk 1999

I don’t why you arrived on this page. But if you have, this is about me. I write some of the posts on this blog and I’m I do some of the front end work on (even though I shouldn’t).

You Can Be My Friend

Here’s my facebook profile. Go ahead and friend me.

Also if you like talking on Twitter, you can always reach me





Spanerman (German / Spanish mixed)

Quotes By Me

Making money is boring. People who go to work everyday just to make money generally hate their lives. People who go to work everyday to do something they love generally enjoy their lives. Do it for the passion and maybe you’ll make some money doing it. At least you didn’t have a bad time.

In the end we are all going to die. So if you are not trying to enjoy your life on a daily basis, you’re really blowing it.

Music I like:

You can listen to em by clicking on the links below :)

Here is a mix of videos that got me hyped back in May of last year. This is actually a great example of what you can do with You can make a long mixed playlist of songs you like and share them with your friends.

Fela Kuti

The Specials

Digable Planets



Dead Kennedys


Brother Ali

Artists I Like:

Anyone with the last name Hernandez :) Particularly Christian Hernandez and Anthony Hernandez.

Weird Desires:

1. I want a lair somewhere in the Mojave Desert. Not to make Meth-Amphetamines, but to plan and hatch my next websites and artistic creations. I would like to have it built in the side of one of those rocky mountain sides you see on the way to Vegas. 100% solar powered of course.

2. I would like to catch lobsters from my surfboard. It would be so killer to paddle out on one of those super still days and dive down and grab a delicious cockroach from the sea. However, I heard you can get 8 years for that though. Well you just need to take em back in a wooden box.

3. I would like Christian Hernandez to paint me a 8 foot tall portrait of some 17th century nobleman. Something of massive scale with super tacky framing. I would like this portrait in the living room of my residence, purposely in the way of normal movement.


This is my buddy Aaron Babila. He skates so good…

Links To Things That Interest Me

Creating Electricity With A Bike:

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