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Katt Williams Goes On A Rant In Arizona

Katt Williams recently went on a rant against a Mexican guy in the audience. I want all you Toobboxers to sound off and tell me if this is racist or not AND if should he apologize or not? We want … Continue reading

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Top 5 Hip Hop Songs EVER Written


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It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back

“I got a letter from the government The other day I opened and read it It said they were suckers They wanted me for their army or whatever Picture me given’ a damn I said never” Share

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American Pop

If you’re into history and music like I am then this movie will blow your mind. It’s the story of four generations of musicians whose careers parallel the history of American music. Share

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BNE Water

If you have walked around LA looking at graffiti then you have seen BNE stickers and tags. The artist that puts up those stickers and tags has created something special in the graffiti scene – a social campaign called the … Continue reading

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