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A Field Guide To Toilet Paper

Click on the image below to see an enlarged view: You probably think you know everything there is to toilet paper – but guess again…Use this handy survival guide the next time you visit the bathroom. You may avoid disease … Continue reading

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What Do These 22 Genocidal Maniacs Have In Common?

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Want to start saving the environment? Start by changing how you drink your coffee.

I know a lot of you liberal hippies out there always THINK you’re concerned with saving the environment. Any time there is a debate on global warming, anger starts to creep inside your brain, you begin to boil with rage, … Continue reading

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Suicide in Silicon Valley

The recent suicides of Jody Sherman, Aaron Swartz and Ilya Zhitomirskiy are tragic but all too familiar stories. Some might also recall the suicide of Eric Salvatierra, former VP at PayPal and CFO at Skype who stood in front of … Continue reading

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Introducing – The Anywhere Audio Player

We know we have been a little quiet over here on the blog. Well that’s because we have been working on our sister website Now has been around for a while. A few weeks ago we finally … Continue reading

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