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The State of Hip Hop in 2014

Ask any true hip-hop head about the current state of the genre, and most will disdainfully shake their heads and mutter something about the “proliferation of EDM” or the threat of “pop bullshit”. These aficionados may rightfully be considered pretentious, … Continue reading

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5 Underrated Punk Songs That You Need to Know Of

A few weeks ago, we wrote about some of the most underrated post-punk bands. The post was pretty popular, so we figured we’d takes things back a bit, and write about our favorite underrated punk songs. Enjoy! At the heart of the punk … Continue reading

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The 3 Most Disturbing Movie Killers

Could you kill a person? Be honest with yourself. Under what circumstances you look a victim in the eye, and with a restrained grin squeeze the very life out of their bones? Hopefully, the threshold one would need to pass … Continue reading

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The Best Bruce Lee Quotes of All Time

Readers and friends, I’d like to submit a humble request to you. Following the reading of this sentence, shut your eyes, take a breath, and attempt to retreat as wholly as possible into yourself. Really reach deep, taking the time … Continue reading

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The Top 5 Underrated New Wave Bands of the 80′s

Founders note: Jay doesn’t like my generation. Apparently, we’re “shit-steaks”. So if you grew up listening to 80s music, I have to warn you that this post isn’t very nice to us Even if you hadn’t yet come into existence, … Continue reading

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