California Love

2pac Tupac Shakur“Only in Cali where we riot not rally”

2pac was a rap legend and entertainer. From a thug life to political and social causes, he was well known in the hood as a rapper and activist with political ties to the Black Panther Party. His affiliation to the hip hop group Digital Underground early in his career had given him the opportunity he needed to become one of the best rap artist to take the stage. Tupac lived and died to fast, but left an extensive archive of Tupac hip hop classics which remains in high demand to this day.

R.I.P 1971-1996

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2 Responses to California Love

  1. K-Dog says:

    2pac is my shiiit. Fuck anyone whos not down with 2pac.
    Fuck all that scientific rap square ass white boys .
    Fuck Sage fuck Anticon fuck Dr octogon fuck skinny jean rappers.

  2. Chalk says:


    Don’t worry Dr. Dooom killed Dr. Octagon.

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