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Weird Trix N’ Shit Week 1

The Prize The prize for week 1 will be a pack of Bones Reds bearings. Bones Reds are pretty damn good bearings. The spin fast, last a pretty long time and can be maintained for even longer use. Plus we’ll … Continue reading

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Weird Trix N’ Shit Skate Video Contest – Starting April 18th 2011

We are going to start this on Monday. Ok so what we are going to do is announce a weird skate trick or line. Post your footage in our blog comments. After a week we’ll pick the best video clip … Continue reading

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Fiat Currency: A Human Invention

Fiat Currency: Money with no intrinsic value. Yeah U.S. dollars are only worth what you believe they are worth. At the end of the day, they are just made of paper. The same stuff you wipe your ass with. Share

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50 Must Have Items For Doomsday – If You Plan On Remaining Stationary

A lot of heads are tripping out on the end of civilization as we know it. Well, at least I run into a lot of them. But they do have a point: America’s economy is sketchy. The Federal Reserve keeps … Continue reading

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