Coachella 2014 – In Case You Missed It, Here Are Playlists For All 3 Days

Coachella 2014

Every year we make some Coachella playlists. Because we never get to go. We used to go back in the day. But now that it’s such a fiasco we abstain from attending.

Below are playlists fill with tunes from this year’s acts. At the bottom of this post are links to previous years. I also left some quick comments on bands/artists that I felt are worthy of extra attention.

Here they are for 2014:


Friday Night’s Playlist

Notable Acts:

Chromeo – 80 synth and stimulants. High pitch voices. Party time.

Martin Garrix – Typical electro-cliche stuff. If you like that, you’ll love this.

The Cult – I would watched them. I’m sure they’re old now. But the weird Gothic glam rock mix was always a winner.

Flume & Chet Faker – Interesting. You have my attention. Peep it.

Aloe Blacc – A living legend. Witness him while you’re alive.

Jagwar Ma – Interesting. Another attention taker. Will research more. You do the same.

Goat – I like it. Worldly.

Anti-Flag – The last of the punk rockers? They actually have something important to say. Listen to them.

Caravan Palance – Holy shitballs. Creativity. Danceable. Fun. Finally. Check it out.

The Bots – F*ck yes. All up in the artz district in shit yo.


Saturday’s Playlist

Notable Acts:

Pet Shop Boys – If you like house or EDM…these guys helped build the foundation for you. Pay respect. And man. If you lived in the 80s or 90s and were a fan of them, you got a LOT OF SHIT for it.

Fat Boy Slim – Coachella act of yesteryear.

Capital Cities – Is like Chromeo of the East Coast?

Temples – Weird. These guys are going 60s. But I’m definitely in the mood for it.

Mogwai – This is some serious shit. Mad respect.

Tiga – Weird. I like it.

Graveyard – They looks like some high desert speed dealers. They play like they just got in the game are having the time of their lives.

Holy Ghost – Superbly 80s. Synths and old age.


Sunday’s Playlist

Beck – Another living legend. Usually a great live performer.

Disclosure – I think everyone likes this group.

Toy Dolls – Early fun punk.

Chance the Rapper – An anomaly. Witness him.

Zoe’ – They sing in Spanish. It sounds beautiful.

Fishbone – AH HA! Now we’re talking! Ska weirdness from the 80s. Nothing like them on earth. F*ck yes.

Bombino – Groovy.

Blood Orange – Looks like there is some talent here.

Poolside – Super synthy with late 70s bass. Like analog synths. The name says it all.

Bo Ningen – Do it for the sound. You gotta experience it.

Preservation Hall Band – Here’s something old yet different. Pure entertainment.

Past Coachella Playlists

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