Coachella Saturday 2013

coachella saturday 2013 playlist

Mmmmm yeah. This day isn’t as mind blowing as Friday. Still… there are a few gems. Which can be a great thing in terms of minimizing distractions :)

Every year we make playlists for each day at Coachella. We fill each playlist with a few songs from EACH artist that performs at Coachella. You won’t find anything more comprehensive anywhere! :)

Here is the playlist for Saturday of this year:

And here are the playlists for the days in years past:




Let’s check so the acts out….

Notable Acts

New Order

I’m a huge Joy Division cult member. Therefore I have to like the child that New Order is of Joy Division. Watch the movie 24hr Party People and then go to this show. Amazing piece of musical history.

Grizzly Bear

They have that hot tune. Might be worth watching live.

Knife Party

Interesting. Dub-steppy though. I know that’s a dicey topic these days.


The weird thing about Moby is I have no idea how he ever became a “big deal”. I’m old enough to have been listening to his music when he first debuted. But I always see him headlining, like he is U2 or something. Anyway, I guess he is a big deal.

The Descendants

Finally. Fuck yes. This is what American punk rock is all about. Must see. The originators.

Franz Ferdinand

Wow it’s been 10 years. I remember when they would play their song repeatedly on the radio. Now they are old. Crazy how time flies.

Violent Femmes

Man. KROQ would play these guys non-stop for two decades. I guess you gotta see em.

Simian Mobile Disco

Pretty catchy and dancey. Plus if you like watching women kiss each other, then you might like their videos.


Wow – that’s one controversial ass video. Props to them. Damn.

Danny Brown

Tight raps. Cute videos.

Wild Nothings

80s vomit? Or good tunes? You decide.

I don’t know what it is with kids these days and the 1980s. The 80s weren’t that great. No one had disposable income. Fashion was whack. And we had crazy presidents.

The Selecter

Ah ska. The world needs more ska.

The Evens

Reminds me of Fugazi if you’re into that sort of thing.

Theophilius London

Wow. crazy shit. Trippy videos. Good tracks.

Trash Talk

hah. these dudes roam the same streets we do. I wonder how many times we’ve crossed paths.

Birdy Nam Nam

That little dj set they do is pretty dope. Real wax. Real turntables. Would like to see that in person.

Jason Bentley

Gotta seem him. KCRW dj. One of two radio stations worth listening to in L.A. That and KDAY.

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