Election 2012 – Elect Obomney The Corporate Puppet Abomination!


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This election really sucks.

We have two insanely crappy choices for president this year.

Obama – This guy was a total deception. Here’s why:

  1. Ordered a drone attack on American citizens without giving them their constitutional right to have a trial. That should be impeachable. How can even be considered a “liberal” when he does shit like that?
  2. He increased drone attacks around the world, killing more civilians who are now joining terrorists organization in response.
  3. He voted to bail out the banks as a senator in 2008 (all with taxpayer money) after they nearly collapsed the global economic system and didn’t go after any executives in terms of prosecutions as president.
  4. Reversed his stance on the war on drugs, by sending Federal agents after medical marijuana dispensaries.
  5. Continues to keep defense budgets at an all time high, while our economy suffers, schools degrade, and we continue to have a ridiculous national debt.
  6. And he continues the Bush era legacy of illegal wiretapping of citizens (QUADRUPLING since Bush), GITMO and state secrets.

Romney – He’s scary and doesn’t seem to have any ideas.

  1. Romney would go to war with Iran. That’s all we need to know really. He is willing to put the country into debt for yet ANOTHER war. That’s definitely not conservative of him in the fiscal sense. However it’s very typical of a war mongering Republican. I’m sure the defense industry loves this guy. So tell me – of our last wars that we have engaged in – which one did us any good?

Notice how the media hasn’t covered 1 second of any 3rd party candidate as usual? Why do we continue to play their games? They essentially give us a football game, with two opponents to cheer for. And no – this is not a Ron Paul rant. This is coming from a liberal progressive that can see through all the bullshit.

Go vote for ANYONE OTHER than these two clowns.

“But then you’re effectively voting for Romney” – NO YOU’RE NOT. You see if you vote for Obama, because you’re afraid of Romney winning – then you’re falling for their game. You’re not voting for what YOU WANT, you are voting out of FEAR.

It’s much more useful to show the Democratic party that you’re NOT SATISFIED with their choice for president. The only way they can tell is by you voting for who you really want. Otherwise, they are not getting the data they need to make better choices down the road.

In the end, your letting the corporate welfare state win (Democrats and Republicans represent the same corporate players year after year – they don’t represent you, they just NEED your vote to get elected). As you continue to vote Democrats and Republicans into ALL types of offices – you’re continuing this legacy of:

  • Destroying the earth.
  • Killing innocent civilians.
  • Ruining our standard of living.

The day you vote with your brain is the day you’re free.

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