FREE REVOK – Graffiti Artist Bail Set Higher Than Violent Criminals

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This is a guest post by Tom, a fan

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When I heard about MOCA having an exhibit about graffiti/street art I was excited and thought it was about time a major U.S. museum took notice of graffiti and the talented artists who have made a name for themselves in the streets. This movement is unlike any other in the art world because its done illegally and its hated by 90% of people. But for people like me and my friends this is an exhibit we have been waiting 15 years for. As I was waiting in line to get in I thought to myself, “this is big time I never thought I’d see a museum fully embracing graffiti”. At the same time I wondered what cops thought about this show. I assumed they disliked a bunch of graffiti artist getting a warm welcome in LA by the museum, but now we know for sure….

revok graffiti artist mural

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Using tactics usually reserved for international drug smugglers and high profile criminals, the legendary LA based graffiti artist REVOK was arrested by Sheriffs deputies last Thursday morning as he got ready to board a plane headed for Ireland at LAX. Being arrested is nothing new for REVOK. I’m sure the timing and tactics used is obviously a counter strike to the MOCA Art in the Streets exhibit which features REVOK as one of the artist. Another reason I know police hate this event is because of the outrageous bail amount of $320,000! That is insane!

Compare REVOKS bail next to some of LA worst scumbags:

  • Man charged with assaulting partially paralyzed grandmother in front of her two granddaughters. Bail set at $100,00
  • Baby left in 115-degree car returned to mother; father may face charges. Bail set at $100,000
  • South Bay men accused of raping female student. Bail set at $50,000
  • Ex-L.A. County deputy charged with felony gun threat, break-in. Bail set at $50,000
  • Costa Mesa man to be charged with hate-crime attack on Latinos. Bail set at $100,000

Click here to watch a playlist of REVOK the graffiti artist.

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  1. jose salas says:

    FREE REVOK he is know and respected more than other’s in the streets.

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