Introducing The New

The New

Click on the image above to visit the new site!

Since Mike Binarios is getting married, and we’re having a bit of downtime right now, I got a hair up my ass to redesign the site a little. It turns out that most people hate the color brown when it comes to web site design, so I went back to our blue background from last year and…..well….I like it more. It’s more vibrant. More cheery. The site looks more legit.

Mike did bring up a good point that our blog and our site have clashing personalities. At first that’s exactly what I wanted the blog to do. The real personality of Mike and I tend to side with the blog more. But the blog design would never function as a media player website. Maybe we’ll discuss this dilemma with some prominent blog consultants one day.

By the way if you are wondering what album cover is in the middle of the player (on the screenshot above), it’s a Ted Nugent album cover. I’m not a fan of his music (because I’ve never listened to him yet), but the guy is a hilarious character. I like his style. I heard you can go hunting with him for $2k and he BBQs all the meat you kill.

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