The Best Bruce Lee Quotes of All Time

bruce lee on fire

Readers and friends, I’d like to submit a humble request to you. Following the reading of this sentence, shut your eyes, take a breath, and attempt to retreat as wholly as possible into yourself. Really reach deep, taking the time to identify the various positive and negative characteristics of your personality and summing them together to create a rough estimate of a third person perspective of the creature you are. How do you fit into your group of friends, your family, workplace, or even society as a whole?
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The Perfect Tool for Radio DJs Who Need To Share Their Set List

toobbox dj set list website

Here are ToobBox we had a great year helping out KUCI FM 88.9 at UC Irvine. In particular we were following DJ Mudbone and his weekly show called The Joint. DJ Mudbone would play a unique set of golden era Hip Hop jams mixed with more recent underground hip hop sensations. We started to send them ToobBox playlists after the end of the show.
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The Secret Treasures Buried Inside The Sitemap

the toobbox site map

One of the best things at is the site map. It’s an index of every public ToobBox playlist. Today we’re going to talk about all the nifty things about the site map that’s probably not that apparent.
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The Top 5 Underrated New Wave Bands of the 80′s


Founders note: Jay doesn’t like my generation. Apparently, we’re “shit-steaks”. So if you grew up listening to 80s music, I have to warn you that this post isn’t very nice to us :)

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Even if you hadn’t yet come into existence, you definitely haven’t escaped the argument that the 80’s were an absolutely wild time for the music scene. Don’t just take my word for it though, instead I’d like to invite you on a journey to your local dive bar. Pick the seediest locale you know; the only one left in town that you’re still allowed to smoke inside of. Go on, I’ll wait. I’m not kidding; get moving.
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ToobBox: The Digital Jukebox (Let Anyone DJ At Your Party)

toobbox digital jukebox

Today we’re writing an overly self-promotional piece for our non-business brand because we figure it’s time to be disgustingly corporate. Continue reading

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