Say Nope to Dope and Hope: Obama and the War on Drugs

Say Nope To Dope & Hope

Surprisingly, Obama changed his mind on whether the Feds should crack down on Marijuana dispensaries in California. It was only a couple of years ago, when he openly said he wouldn’t waste the country’s resources on this specific issue. Now’s he flipped it – which is strange because the U.S. is in more debt than ever. What’s he thinking? Even political analysts are baffled as to why he changed his mind.

Today’s playlist is about Tommy Chong and the story of his arrest. – This playlist show’s how ridiculous this war on marijuana really is.

The image above was ganked from the L.A Weekly. Read the L.A. Weekly’s article: Obama’s War on Weed

*The Nope image above is from the Village Voice Media.

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4 Responses to Say Nope to Dope and Hope: Obama and the War on Drugs

  1. Kristian says:

    I’m willing to bet that there was a donor that gave him a lot of campaign support in exchange for this political stance. I’ve heard it not uncommon to do that.

    That graphic looks like it would pop with a pair of 3d glasses!

  2. Paul says:

    Haha the war on drugs, thanks to Nixon we have the war on drugs,
    They ship the drugs in then they bust us with the same drugs they shipped in, Oh also the prisons that they put americans in are privately owned.
    Its not really a war on drugs so much as a war on humanity, they dont see us as humans, they see us as animals that they can make money off of.

  3. Leila says:

    Honestly the war on drugs is a waste of time. We should be using our resources to help those addicted to drugs appose to stopping those who actually benefit from medical marijuana. I mean Obama even admitted that he had smoked marijuana in the past. How can he actually think that cracking down on medical marijuana would stop anyone from smoking, or be less addicted to drugs?

  4. Bob Whyte says:

    Actually the War on Drugs has been highly effective.
    Ya’ll high?

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