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I went to Coachella a couple times back in 2001 and 2002. It really kicked the crap out of me. Blazing hot sun, no money for water or food. The second year I went with a girl that was allergic to grass. What a mistake. I vowed never to go again.

I'm going this year for sure. But this time in a wheelchair. A wheelchair with a telescoping seat. That way I don't have to do any walking and I can see above ya'll. And if they take bottled water from a handicapped man, they are real sh*theads.

The most memorible music festivals I've been to was my first Coachella and Vegoose 2007. At Coachella I saw Mos Def sing and blow me away. Then I accidently ran into the raddest live performing band ever: St. Germain. Holy crap. I sat there awestruck as this 20 person band/electronica group made the most beautiful sounding music my ears have ever heard.

Vegoose 2007. Iggy Pop. He simply ridculed us. It was awesome. He called us pansys because we were too chickensh*t to jump on stage and thrash all the equipment. He was right. Kids today are way too tame. He totally called our bluff. What happened to rock n roll. Then Daft Punk came on. They had their huge pyramid stage set up. Though it was a strange transition from the angst of Iggy to the French Electric Dance party Daft provided - it was an other mind blowing show.

- Eddie

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