How To Make An Internet Radio Station

1. Sign up for a account. It's free! Click here to sign up.

2. Think about what you want your radio station to be about. Will it be about music, politics, comedy....? But don't worry, you can have as many as you want!

Make Your Own Internet Radio Station

3. Use the search box at the top to find videos that you want to add to your radio station playlist.

Build A DJ Set List

4. You will see videos appear in the bottom right corner. Select the ones you want to add to your set list. Note: you can preview the videos before you add them to your set list.

Add Videos To Playlist

5. Your radio station is now live! (Wasn't that easy? :). Now just share the URL at the top with your friends. You can post this URL on Facebook, or email your friends about it.

Share Radio Station URL with Listeners