Who We Are

Toobbox.com was created by two dudes who met in college and decided to build a lil' video playlist player together. This project is entirely funded out of our own pockets. At this point in time, Toobbox.com is not a business.

The dudes are: Mike Binarios and Sean Traba (a.k.a Chalk)

How You Can Help Us :)

This project is quite intensive and we LOVE some help. Here are some of the ways you can:
  • We need help building playlists with commentary.
  • Please share playlists with your friends on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter.
  • If you have a blog, please link to some of our playlist pages. See the site map for some playlists you can link to.
If you ever have questions, please feel free to contact us on Facebook.

About ToobBox.com

ToobBox.com is a simple and intuitive online media player. Currently you can search and add youtube videos to your ToobBox playlist. We find this player to be a good alternative to internet radio and allows for endless listening possibilities.

Quick Feature Run Down:

  • Create and Save Multiple Playlists (e.g. heavy metal, comedy, soccer clips)
  • Quickly Add Multiple Youtube Videos
  • Shuffle, Repeat, Fast Foward, Reverse, and Pause Control Features
  • Quickly Rate Each Video
  • Sort Videos by Song Title, Artist or Rating
  • Quick Edit of Any Song Name or Artist

East L.A. is Home to ToobBox.com

ToobBox.com was concieved and created right off of Cesar Chavez Blvd., in the heart of East L.A. We would like to thank Teresitas for nourishment and giving us a place to converse about creative ideas.

Mike Binarios On Guitar


Kristian helped launch the first version of toobbox.com doing some of the front end work. He's a mad man at Mr. Mr. Myagis Karaoke Night.

Sean Traba

Arch always says I look like i'm up to no good. He's probably right. Here's a toobbox.com playlist I made in May of 2010 that got me through the day: Click here to listen to my playlist.