Help FAQ

Question: Is free?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Do I have to be online to use ToobBox?
Answer: Yes.

Question: How do I create a new playlist?
Answer: First of all you must sign up for an account to use the playlist feature. Once you have signed up for a account, login and click on the "Playlist" tab. Then click on the "New/Import" button. Enter in a name for your new playlist (like "my playlist") and click on the "Create" button. A new playlist will appear in your playlist menu. You can now add videos to that playlist by searching for videos in the search field above and then adding the videos you like.

Question: How do I import a playlist?
Answer: The best way to import a playlist is to ask your friends who also have a account. Ask them to give you their favorite "playlist ID". Playlist IDs are found in the playlist menu. Each playlist has an ID number. They can simply click on any of their playlists and the corresponding playlist number will be present above the playlist menu. Once they give you that number (playlist ID), you can click the "New/Import" button under the playlist tab and paste the number in the field called "Import Playlist By Id:". Then give the playlist a name in the "New Playlist Name" field. Finally click the "Create" button and the playlist will be live.

Question: Can I clear an entire playlist?
Answer: Yes. Simply click on the "Clear All" button next to the repeat and shuffle buttons. This will remove all the contents from your current playlist.

Question: How do I change my password?
Answer: After logging, simply go to the update password page.

Question: What happens if I've forgotten my password and can't login?
Answer: We can reset your password and send it to you via email. Please go to the forgot password page.

Question: How do I add a video to my playlist?
Answer: In the right column under the heading "Search for Videos", type in the name of the video you are looking for and click the search button. In the "Search Results" below, videos that contain the name of your search query will be presented. Simply select any of the videos by checking the check box next to a video and click the "Add Video(s)" button.

Question: How do I shuffle videos?
Answer: Click the shuffle icon. Pressing the shuffle icon will randomly play videos from your playlist.

Question: How do I repeat a video?
Answer: Click the repeat icon. Clicking this icon will repeat the playlist once it has cycled through all your videos.

Question: Can I add a video by pasting in a Youtube URL somewhere?
Answer: Not at this time.

Question: How do I edit the song or artist name?
Answer: Double click the current song name and a editable text box will appear. Enter in the desired name for your song or video name. The same feature applies to the artist name.

Question: How to I change or set the rating of a video?
Answer: Select the video you want to rate and then double click the rating column. From there you can select a rating for your video (between 1 and 5).

Question: How do I delete a video?
Answer: Select the video you want to delete and click on the "minus" icon to the very left.

Question: How do I make an internet radio station?
Answer: Click here to learn how to make an internet radio station with