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Yo! Raps
We would love to introduce you to some amazing hip hop that you probably have never heard before.

Simply click on these links below to listen and watch to some amazing hip hop / rap music video playlists. blog
ToobBlox is our blog. There are quite a few posts. Some are really funny, and some are just about different music playlists. mission statement
In The Beginning...

The original concept of was to offer a simple Winamp style internet music application for people who don't want to horde mp3s all over the place. We realized that a ton of musical content is already on the web so why not just make a website where people can organize their music and online video related "stuff" in one place.

And that's basically what you can do with a account. You can make a ton of playlists and categorize all your favorite videos in one place and share them with your friends with a simple URL (ex:
This Site Is Only Run By 2 Dudes.

I would suspect that you think we're some big company with a corporate office in Silicon Valley. Well that's not the case. Here is a little more on who we are.

Wait a sec.... We should introduce ourselves. We're Mike and Sean. We went to college together, we both have day jobs and we have been working on this site since 2008.

We both love to listen to music. We both play music and create music. We love to share music with people. is kinda like our way to have our own radio station without having to buy an incredibly expensive radio tower.
Our Mission:

To make the best social playlist experience possible for you. We want you to have fun sharing playlist with your friends and family. We want you to discover new comedians, recipes, musicians, and even cartoons with our little site.

The Future.

We are constantly making improvements to this website. We have tons of features in the works to make a truly exceptional experience. Hang with us, help us and talk to us - and together we'll make this fun!