10 Great Reasons Why You Should Try To Buy EVERYTHING USED


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Here Ye! Here Ye! STOP BUYING NEW STUFF. This post will open your eyes to what you’re missing from buying the good OLD stuff!

From environmental reasons, to price savings, to actually making money – this post will change the way you think about buying new products…

Also, if you have any tips or suggestions that you have learned from past experiences – please post them in the comments at the end of the post!

1. It’s Cheaper

“No duh!”

But wait a second. Let me show you something eye opening…

Let’s say I wanted to buy a Maserati Quattroporte. It’s an Italian Sports Sedan with a Ferrari engine.

A Ferrari Engine…

Brand new they cost $127,000.


I can buy a used one for $38,500!

2008 maserati quattroporte sport

That’s $88,500 in savings! You could BUY TWO MORE with the amount you would be saving.

I know this is an extreme example. But it does illustrate the fact that you should look at your used options before buying a brand new car.

And here is another important thing to remember when you buy a used car:

Unlike putting your money towards an investment, cars are always losing their value every second of the day. They are a total money pit. Not only do they lose value, they have tons of additional costs that you NEVER get back:

  • Gas
  • Insurance
  • Tires
  • Maintenance
  • Car Washes
  • Parking
  • Tickets

burning cash money

You might as well burn your money!

Where to buy used cars for a great price? Answer: Ebay Motors

2. It’s Way Better For The Environment

This is a point that no one ever thinks about.

It takes energy to make new products. Energy is required to:

Make it…


Package it…


Make the packaging


Ship it…

Dispose of it…

landfill dump truck

So when you buy something used, you are removing almost all of these energy requirement steps.

Why does this matter?

Well because each of these steps require C02 to be released into the atmosphere (at this point in time), which increases global warming.

When you buy something used, you’re not adding to the demand for these damaging steps to be initiated.

Now if the world ran on thorium, this would be much less of a problem.

3. No Sales Tax

sales tax by state

Out in these parts it’s an automatic 8% off!

And if you keep buying used, that % will add to major savings.

How many times do you forget the sales tax? I always forget.

“Oh, it’s only $99…that’s not too bad”… and then later you realize it’s really $109.

Are you starting to see the value here?

4. Give Your Money To A REAL Person And Not A Corporation

Keep some money in your community. Help a neighbor out. You might just help them make their rent!

Or you could give your money to one of those monster warehouse giants that don’t like to pay for their worker’s health care. Your choice.

5. Making New Friends And The Networking Benefit

meeting and networking

I’ve actually made money from buying stuff off craigslist, because the people I’ve met, turned around and referred me business.

One of the most valuable assets you’ll find is knowing people. Whether these people will be future friends, spouses, or business buddies…it’s good to get social and to stop hiding behind your computer screen.

You never know who you will run into. Of course it could be a creepy person – so be a bit careful! Always meet in a public location.

6. Build Your Savings

build savings

If you keep buying used, you can increase your savings.

If you actually make it a habit to search out for used products, you will have created a mechanism to increase your own savings.

That way, when you really need to buy something important – where you get no breaks, deals or discounts – you’ll have the money available to make the purchase. It could be something important like emergency medical costs or education.

7. You Can Trade UP!

Have you heard of the kid who traded a paperclip for a 2 story house?

Or the guy who traded his cell phone and was able to get a Porsche?

Trading can be very interesting if you have the patience. And I know it’s not the same as buying used, but at least you’re not buying anything new.

8. You Tend To Not Get As Attached

In general, if you spend more money purchasing something, your attachment to the item increases. So when you knick, scratch, dent, break or lose your items – it just doesn’t hurt as much.

9. EWWW Packaging!

Packaging is the biggest waste. EVER!

It all goes in the trash. Or even worse -> the ocean. Watch:

Not only that. How many times have you cut your hands trying to open that super tough plastic stuff?

10. Bragging Rights!

bragging rights

I once purchased a $700 surfboard for $300. Boy that made me feel good. I still have that board to this day. It’s awesome to tell people how much you saved. It’s a great conversation starter. And you can help hook your friends up with similar deals.

That guy who I bought that board from still has whopping deals. Hit me up and I can introduce you!

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