50 Must Have Items For Doomsday – If You Plan On Remaining Stationary

doomsday underground bunker

A lot of heads are tripping out on the end of civilization as we know it. Well, at least I run into a lot of them. But they do have a point:

  • America’s economy is sketchy.
  • The Federal Reserve keeps printing money while forcing interest rates down.
  • The bankers are getting off scott free.

It’s all kind of scary after watching a movie like Inside Job, or Capitalism: A Love Story. It makes me wonder if America could fall apart any day now. Complete collapse of the dollar, anarchy in the streets, no food, no water, no power. I’m not sure if I’m being a little too paranoid, but it got me thinking: If this is going to happen, how should I prepare for it?

By the way: I’m writing two posts on this topic. One for if you plan on remaining stationary. Meaning, you are not moving when the shit hits the fan. This post is for the people who will plan to stay put, and survive at the place you currently reside at. Watch for my second post which will be coming up soon. It will tell you how to pack if you plan on being mobile.

ATTENTION: This list is not in order!

1. Condoms

I know what you’re thinking. What do condoms have to do with survival? Instead, think of this as currency. Condoms are relatively cheap (especially if you buy them online!) and during Doomsday, they are going to be worth a lot more! Think of it as the best investment for the end of the world.

People are still going to want to have sex, and NOT reproduce and NOT get diseases. Why? Because children consume additional precious resources, and without first class medical care, you are not going to want STDs.

Here is where you can buy cheap condoms.

2. Cigarettes

I learned this from my buddy Ken in the Navy. He works on an aircraft carrier. And when they go out to sea for months at a time, and the ciggies run out, the fiends come out! A pack of cigs on the boat can go up to $20! Imagine how valuable they will be when all the liquor stores have been looted and the tobacco fields rot.

I feel weird linking to places to buy cheap smokes, but I heard Native American reservations were a good place to start…

3. Beer

Like cigarettes, beer will also be in demand by the drunks. I’m not going to elaborate on this too much, because you get the picture. Oh yeah, beer is cheap now and would be worth stocking right now.

I like Trader Joe’s Simpler Times Lager. It’s $.50 a can.

4. SAS Survival Guide

I found this book one day at an outlet. The SAS is the same outfit Bear Grilles was a part of. It’s the British Special Forces. The Brits have occupied almost every country on this planet and have collected a lot of data on how to survive in every geographical zone on this planet. This book is super handy for providing the most basic survival skills for every type of terrain, climate and condition.

Here is where this wonderful guide is located at on Amazon.com

5. Silver

The nice thing about silver is that it’s much more affordable than gold and it has had a longer track record of sustaining value over dollars or any current currency in use. Silver has been used as currency for thousands of years and dollars only a few hundred.

I buy my silver here.

6. Gold

If you can afford it, get some gold coinage too. The nice thing about gold is that is has more worth per weight which means you can transport a lot more value around without weighing your ass down too much (imagine if you had to carry the same equivalent of silver in your pockets :) ). The only downside is if you lose one gold coin it’s going to hurt….a lot.

I don’t buy gold, but I did I would buy it here.

7. Water Purification Pellets

This one is kinda obvious, but there is another factor to pellets that make them more valuable than a purification system or filter. The tremendous value of water purification pellets is that they are also easily transportable if you need to be on the move. Oh and they can be used as currency as well!

This place seemed to have a good deal on pellets.

8. Water Filter

My friend Dave busted out this water filter when we went camping in the Grand Canyon last spring. It fucking rules. You just stick the nozzle into a stream and pump clean water into a bottle. It’s super easy to use, it doesn’t make your water taste like ass, and you can clean an infinite amount of water!

This one is really cheap. Not really good for making large batches of clean water though. Better for on the run.

9. A Bad Ass Knife

Invest in a really well made knife, that has all those great bells n whistles like: A compass, a place to hold matches, a can opener etc. I really don’t need to stress this any further – this is survival 101.

This will give you an idea of what I mean, but I would consider researching and finding a higher quality brand.

10. Flint Fire Making Kit

These are a bit more of a pain in the ass than matches, but it can get wet and it lasts a long time.

This kit is only 1 cent!

11. Matches

Fuck it. Get matches too. Get a shit load of them. They are free right now :) Every time you go to a restaurant, take a few boxes. Every time you get gas, ask for some inside. Stock that shit up!

12. Pencils

I know you’re like WTF? Seriously. Think about it. Writing shit down is the earliest form of communication. You might need to write a note to your woman like “Went to kill some rats, be back at dusk, if I don’t come back…uh…well….it was nice knowin ya”. But pencils have other purposes too: Like drawing yourself homemade porn, sketching out plans for rodent booby-traps etc and writing out wills.

This place specializes in cheap pencils and pens. I guess they have a large inventory of misprints.

13. Blank White Paper

See above.

14. Multivitamins

I totally think multivitamins are a scam. I mean we get enough food (well most of us, or well most Americans) and we get all the vitamins we need from day to day eating. But when things get shitty, we might not be eating all too well. So get some vitamins now because they are small, easy to store, and will help if shit gets bad.

I wouldn’t buy cheap vitamins. Since the industry is pretty much a scam, I would make sure you get something legit. I started to do some research, but this is actually tough. If anyone finds a good research report or laboratory test on what the most effective multivitamin brand is please let us know :).

15. Shortwave Radio

Preferably one with a hand crank if they got em. For some reason 28 Days Later comes to mind. You might want to listen to every band and see if anyone else is communicating somewhere on earth. Information can be really helpful – think of it as the new internet. Or well, what we had before the internet. Hehe.

I’m not an expert at selecting a shortwave radio, but these guys are.

16. A Good Ass Jacket

Yeah I know most of you probably have one already. Well I live in Southern California and I don’t. But it does get cold here in the winter. So I’m going to get an amazing jacket. Waterproof, windproof, something you could fucking live in. A jacket you could make a tent out of. You know what I mean…

I would check this site for parkas.

17. Neo-Fuckin-Sporin

I love this stuff. It doesn’t burn like rubbing alcohol, it’s easy to apply and it will heal a shark bite. Also going to be worth a lot if shit goes down the tube (remember, always think currency).

Good news is you can this shit in bulk!

18. A Good American Made Toolset

Why American made? Because it will be the last time American made tools will ever be made! Don’t buy those shitty Chinese tools.

Tools will be important for dismantling materials, parts, scraps from abandon buildings and facilities. And of course also to fix your own shit. Get a good hammer, screw driver set, allen keys, saws, and maybe even a hand powered drill.

Here is a good article on what tools are still made in the USA. USA! USA! USA! Come on chant with me :)

19. A Shotgun

Shotguns are good because they generally only come in one gauge and that’s a 12 gauge. So ammo should be plenty available compared to other types of rounds. Also, it’s good for the members of your family that are not sharp shooters.

Here’s a discussion among Shotgun enthusiasts on what the best shotguns are…

20. Drywall Screws

Chances are you’ll need to make repairs to your humble abode. I find drywall screws vastly superior to regular old nails. They grip way better, never get lose, and they can be reused. Be sure to have a screwdriver with a fat grip to make torqueing easier.

And of course drywall screws come in bulk…

21. Cement

Why not stockpile a few bags of cement. It seems like something that might come in handy. Not sure why though…

This time I want to support Ace Hardware and Good Ole John Madden…

21. Thermals

Again, for the sake of keeping warm, accept no substitute. Nothing works better than thermals to keep your chode warm. I would get at least a dozen pairs – at some point you’re going to have problems with skid marks.

This place sells cheap thermals

22. A Rain Poncho

Invest in a heavy duty one. There will be one shitty day where you’ll be in the rain for a long time.

Here are some for $1.

23. A Wetsuit

Hell make it a dry suit. You may need to fjord a stream, go in the ocean or swim across a lake. In order to prevent hypothermia during one of these water crossings, a wetsuit is a must. Plus they also provide great warmth out of water if needed.

If you live in SoCal, this place rules when it comes to wetsuits…

24. A Good Book On Home Gardening

Depending on where you live, you might be able to get a pretty substantial garden going and supply yourself a lot of food. I once grew a shitload of food in a 40′ x 1′ strip of dirt. It’s amazing how much shit you can grow in a very small area. Plus, if you get good at it, you can barter your produce for other goods.

Apparently there aren’t many copies of this book left. Git it!

25. Sewing Machine – Human Powered

I’m sure you’ll be able to pilfer clothes a million years after Doomsday hits, but it can’t hurt to have a sewing machine around. Don’t forget it’s also a tool to mend material together. You can double the size of tarps, repair sails, shit like that.

Hell, I guess you can make a solar powered sewing machine too…

26. The Understanding On How To Eat Insects

This is seriously one of the most important survival techniques of all time. Insects are high in protein, and almost always available and take no energy to consume or prepare. Just learn which ones taste the best and carry the least bacteria or disease :)

There is actually a lot of info out there on the internet..here’s one such article.

27. Propane Generator

Now this is some high end shit. If you have the means to acquire one of these, then do so. Chances are there won’t be any electricity transmitted to your residence, so you’ll have to make your own. And there will probably be propane left for a little while after Doomsday. But when there isn’t, read the next item..

These things come in a pretty big variety. Here’s one on the more economical side.

28. Fecal Digestor

Well, you’re not going to stop shitting. Well as long as your alive. You might as well turn that shit into gold. That’s right. Get a digestor to turn your solid waste in to methane. You can use this methane as a power source for your generator or fuel a BBQ grill. Of course, you should be very careful with this, because you essentially have a shit bomb attached to your home.

Ok – apparently there is no such things as a Fecal Digestor at this point in time. But there is a song called Obscene Compulsion Towards Fecal Digestion.

29. Basic Grains

I like corn meal because you can make grits. I happen to like grits. I guess flour wouldn’t hurt either. It’s a dry food source that lasts a long time.

These guys sell cheap whole wheat flour.

30. Solar Panels

If you own a home, then I would definitely get these. You will never thank me enough. If you live in the Southwestern part of the U.S. you’ll be set. Free electric power. I would even suggest buying backups. If you get really crafty, you can get some car batteries and make a full on 24-hr electric supply system for your home.

This handy page will calculate the amount of wattage you will need to supply your home.

And in case you’re wondering, this is how much electricity the average American household uses…

31. Car Batteries

I’m not sure how long a car battery shelf life is, but it couldn’t hurt to have a dozen of them around. You can use em to power any electrical appliance you have.

This article talks about batteries in conjunction with a solar array.

32. Electrical Guide For Dummies

I know jack shit about electrical stuff – except that it can easily kill you. You’ll have plenty of time to become a master electrician after Doomsdays. Might as well get some reading done.

Here’s the book.

33. Band-Aids

With all the sewing, rummaging, building, fixing, cutting, and dismantling you’ll be doing – you will probably cut yourself at least 100 times. Oh yeah, and the fighting off of wild pigs.

Band-Aids in Bulk!

34. Gauze

And for bigger wounds, you’ll need gauze.

Get the gauze while you’re gettin the bandaids…

35. Soldering Iron

Chances are you or someone you know will need to fix some electrical shit. You’ll need these to mend circuitry.

This one should work fine.

36. Cold Plate Water Maker

I found out about these nifty things last year. They are totally fucking awesome. You can pull drinking water right out of the air. It’s basically a refrigerated cold plate that collects condensation from the moisture in the air. They can produce 6 gallons a day! The only catch is you need electric power. We discussed how to do this above, so you should be fine.

Check these out – they can even come with a solar hook up.

37. Duct Tape

I almost forgot about this MacGyver staple. If you recall from that great show, you can fix a hot air balloon in flight with duct tape. I would get palettes of duct tape.

Here is the place to get tape for cheap.

38. Porno Mags

So I ran out of ideas at 37 and asked for some help. Porno mags was suggested and fuck yeah it’s a no brainer. Chances are the internet will be down and we all know dudes need to jerk it at least once a day. This will be some highly valuable currency. Plus you’ll probably want to keep some around for yourself.

39. High Alcohol Content Liquor

My friend Dave says this is better than beer. It doesn’t require refrigeration, can be used as an antiseptic and/or fuel and/or molotov cocktail weapon for self-defense. My only beef with it is that it doesn’t come in easily dividable units for currency. But it does have plenty of other benefits.

And of course everyone’s favorite high proof liquor: 151!

40. Polarized Sunglasses

Dave says: “Show the apocalypse that you don’t give a shit as long as you got your shades.” That’s one way to look at it. But shades come in handy when you work outside and to protect your eyes from UV damage over the years. BUT DON’T BUY NON-POLARIZED SUNGLASSES! You’ll end up doing more damage to your eyes. Non-polarized sunglasses make your eyes relax and let in more rays. And since they are non-polarized, they don’t blocked out UV rays and end up damaging your eyes more than if you didn’t wear sunglasses at all.

I really hate most sunglass styles. Always have. Oakley’s are the worst. Super Douchey. If I had to get sunglasses – I would get these.

41. Handcrank Flashlight

Wow. I can’t believe I almost forgot this. You should actually go out and buy one of these right now and keep it in your car. They never need batteries. Just crank it up for a minute and you’ll have constant light for several minutes.

Here’s the flashlight.

42. 2 German Shepherds

I have mixed feelings about this one. On one hand, they are super smart loyal dogs that get big enough to provide you with a small body guard team. And if you have one male and one female, they can reproduce and make you a small army. However, they will need to consume resources and may bark when you don’t want them to. Meaning: when bad people are snooping around your home base they can kill your element of surprise.

These guys breed police Shepherds…

43. Laxatives

This is definitely a lower priority. But chances are you might be dehydrated often and eating a lot of non-fibrous foods like jerky, twinkies and rocks. To aid with defication, laxatives may come in handy once in a while.

Here we have some laxatives for one penny…

44. Imodium Ad

And of course you might get some really gnarly cases of diarrhea after gnawing on dead rats and pigeons. Diarrhea can kill you if you don’t plug your ass up (from dehydration).

Git your Imodium right here!

45. Rubbing Alcohol

Another no brainer. It’s a good disinfectant. Can be used as a fuel. Get a shitload of it. Probably can be used for currency as well.

A lot of places online sell it for cheap, just watch the shipping prices.

46. The Understanding Of How To Make Alcohol

Knowing how to make homemade alcohol would be a really good skill to have. For one, you can start a post-apocalyptic enterprise right off the bat. If you make some good moonshine, you’ll have customer for days. Secondly, you can make disinfectant as well. Third, you can make fuel for your generators. I would get on this ASAP.

This guy is a good resource on the subject matter.

47. Good Ass Boots

Gore-tex, vibram soles, insulated, laced (not zippered). And if you really think about, it would be totally shitty if you were scouring through rubble and stepped on a nail in your sneakers and then died of infection. Boots are a must.

Here’s a conversation about boots by guys who wear boots every day.

48. Sturdy Bike

Nothing is more reliable than stashing away a good away sturdy bike for short excursions and quick get-aways. One-gear (no need to tweak and worry about derailleurs and shit), strong frame, knobby tires (can now get kevlar tubes and/or tires that will make them flat-proof).

I suggest a single speed mountain bike for all-around-badassness.

49. The Dangerous Book for Boys

I got this book as gift a few years ago and it fucking rules. knots, how to make a battery, trips and traps, secret inks, how to catch and cook rabbit, first aid- nuff said. also, it teaches you how to play poker.

Here is the official website.

50. Security Blanky / Snuggy

Cuz shit can be rough nawmean. Doubles as towel or magic carpet.


OK, What’d I Miss? Please list em in the comments below!

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25 Responses to 50 Must Have Items For Doomsday – If You Plan On Remaining Stationary

  1. Coelacanth says:

    Printed and stored in my wallet. Invaluable.

  2. Andel says:

    this is my new shopping list.

  3. Christian hernandez says:

    This is so good!! So memorizing all of this, you should make this into a book! Publish this man!

  4. pingpingthedonkeyboy says:

    thiings i need incase of a disaster –
    1. Bitburger Beer
    2. a Pimp Ass gold chain
    3. 1000 pounds of weed nigga! cuz you know i gotta get high Soooooooooon!

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  6. ALMOSTREADY says:

    Don’t forget antibiotics. You can actually buy stuff like Fish-Mox. It’s nothing more than amoxicillin that you probably won’t be able to get if this 2012 stuff really goes down. Do your own reseach. It states that it’s not made for human consumption (no perscription) but I’ll take my chances…………

  7. stacie says:

    Pads..feminine products. Maxi Pads are super absorbent for emergencies like cuts or gun shot wounds. secure a maxi pad to your wound with your trusty duck tape and your good to go!

  8. Chad says:

    Moonshine! There are at least 7 benefits of knowing how to make it in a post apocalyptic environment:
    1. Antiseptic
    2. Fuel source
    3. Fuel sources to make more.
    4. Weapon
    5. Get hammered
    6. Means of trade, more valuable to teach on the move to trade of valuable shit.
    7. You can turn salt water to pure water using the same process and have salt as a byproduct

  9. victor bondarchuk says:

    biohazards suit and mask

  10. rm says:

    salt and pepper

  11. Warren says:

    Some kind of water container


  12. Brian says:

    Getting a knife with all of those things is NOT a good idea.

    Those knives usually have a hollow handle, which means it’s not a full tang blade, which makes it significantly weaker. You’d be better off getting a really good straight blade knife and a separate pack of those other goodies. Also, a hand saw of some kind to help cut trees and branches.

    • sirpoopsalot says:

      Good insight, it sounds pretty cheesy, and is used as more of a puncture weapon rather than a survival knife, but I would suggest the glock 87 combat knife. It’s a 6 1\2 inch fixed blade with a root cutter on the flat edge, it also has a bottle opener on the handguard. They are also pretty cheap, I usually pay about $25. The only problem is that the width of the blade is only one inch, and it is a thick knife, so keeping a razor edge is difficult, but in a survival situation a razor is not preferable anyways.

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  14. robert says:

    in my opinion a 22 long rifle would be better that a shotgun because u can kill anything with it, the bullets are smaller so u can carry more, there quieter, they dont kick as bad so its ideal for inexperienced gunners, and every hunter owns at least one 22 so u can find ammo for them anywhere.

    • sirpoopsalot says:

      I agree, the only problem is that 22. Shot will get very heavy very quickly, but that 5 pounds is about 100 shots, so it’s a decent trade off. I would also suggest a decent 40. Pistol, on the chance someone else likes your 22. Too much, and a press for ammo production, if you have the tools you can take a spent 40. Shell and apmost any other round and rig a decent shot.

  15. Becca says:

    Baking soda, used for toothpaste with a little water added takes the sting out of bee stings, and gets stains out of cloths. plus you can make cookies and it lasts forever.

    toilet paper, I don’t feel like using pine cones when I run out.

    deck of cards to start your own casino for people that want to gamble. think about it, the house always wins. Hee hee. or to pass the time while playing solitary.

    supplies to make your own soap, and candles.

  16. k stancer says:

    decent hollow knives are eith
    useless or hugely expensve

  17. Carol Baker says:

    Why use profanity to create this list? Can’t seem to get anyone to show respect these days. It is one of many reasons people all over the world no longer view Americans as decent and polite. Several years ago, vulgar language would not have been used in this way. Sad…(Just my opinion.)

  18. shitstick says:

    a zippo lighter, and like you said information in book form is important for survival but I think if your not planning on bugging out, printing as much information from the internet on the subjects you talked about and things like construction, how to perform minor medical operation, how to fix certain types of engines and I guess how to improvise……

  19. b gondran says:

    If it hits the fan and you are going to lock down in your home for a while, make sure you have stocked up on the following household items in addition to the tools and survival gear listed in the article..

    Water, powdered: milk, eggs, potatoes, tang
    Rice, beans, oats, nuts, peanut butter, coconut, dry pkg foods: Mac and cheese, pasta mixes, potato mixes, pancake mix, biscuit mix, sugar, flour, cornmeal, baking powder, soda, salt and pepper, honey, syrup, oil, vinegar
    Canned meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, soups, and can opener
    Coffee, tea bags, cocoa,
    Medical: prescriptions, epipen, triple antibiotics for new and improved germs, asprin, ibuprofen, pepto bismol, antiacids, emetic, peroxide, Epsom salt, (given laxatives, Imodium), vitamins a, b’s, c, d, e, calcium, iron, sunscreen, bug spray, meat tenderizer for bites,
    bleach, iodine, gloves, masks, bandages, ankle, knee wraps
    Toiletries: toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, soap, hand sanitizer, dish soap, laundry soap, softner, stain remover, comet, toilet paper, paper towels, towels, wash cloths,
    Pet food, litter
    Warm, durable coats, hats, gloves, socks, boots, shoes
    Water barrels hooked up to gutters for drink (purify) and garden, seeds, fruit trees, berries, seed potatoes, onions, peanuts, corn for chickens
    If you have land, chickens for food and eggs, goats for milk and lawn mower
    Alarm system, fire place, wood, saw, solar panel hookup with batteries for minimal energy, thermax to cover windows in winter or summer, small radio and lots of batteries, aluminum cans with candle for light, 2 clay flower pots stacked top to top with candle for heat, warm blankets(can get thermal blanket or use car sunscreen to hold in heat)above and/or below bedding
    Lots of candles, matches, books including medical, survival and entertainment, encyclopedia set if you have kids, math, science books, dictionary, thesaurus, games, yes lots of pencils (sharpener), paper, paints, at least minimal next size up in clothes and shoes for kids if you anticipate a lengthy stay.

  20. Anonymose says:

    you have to have food and lots of firstaid stuff and transpotation, and a bug out bag to put all of your stuff in.

  21. you have to have a transportation vehical to have all of your stuff in and it can be a good bedding and ifyourhome or bunker is taken from you.

  22. sarah says:

    Hey you did good but you missed alot i been saving up for ten years .amo at lest 300 boxes for each gun .why because people will be crazy and try to brake in your home .and jump your fence and steel your stuff from your garden .seeds of all veg.they are a good way to trade up on suplies .tents ,cots,sheets ,blankiets,pillows,my trick is buy 200 of first aid stuff 100 of gear like fishing gear hunting gear traps knives guns amo is difernt i have alot of amo it fills a closet no joke i have 10 bows just incase some brake or trade 300 arrows or more you just got to think .if crap happends how am i going to survive it .da so you stock up every thing now i have ten years worth saved up im good for ten years

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